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Experiences proposed by the consortium

Experiences to make your stay unique


"A Mangialunga" event (subject to participation fee) which takes place on the 3rd Sunday of May, food and wine trekking route along the hamlets around Levanto. In each hamlet you can taste typical local dishes, wines and music.
Where: Levanto    |   When: Third Sunday of May

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The 5 Terre can be visited by boat by purchasing a day ticket or a one way ticket. Entering and leaving the marinas gives the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of these places from the sea.

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Bonassola and Framura

On the west of Levanto's bay opens the cycle path that leads in two kilometers to Bonassola.
It is a small Ligurian town located in a gulf with a beautiful beach, a seaside and summer destination that also offers the possibility of following less touristy paths of unparalleled beauty.
Continuing west on the cycle path you will arrive in Framura, a small harbor built by nature and finished by man's hand. From here, you can take the recently built seaside promenade. The village of Framura is actually the set of some hamlets that give life to the Framura community, which are small churches, historic villas and towers scattered in hidden corners to be discovered.

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Surf & Paddleboard

Surfing has made Levanto known all over the world, thanks to the various championships held.
With some local entrepreneurs, it is possible to participate in surf lessons, rent equipment and venture out on paddleboard excursions.

Brothers Surf Club